Friday, February 4, 2011

Romantic Pink Enamel Sakura Ring

Every time I think about spring (and I think about it in icy winter weather like now…) I think about cherry blossoms in Japan. You can enjoy gorgeous blossoms all over the town, parks, everywhere! And the fact that they will only last about 10 days, add the beauty to the whole seen.

I created this ring thinking about beautiful Japanese cherry blossom. As usual, my main focus in the enamel piece but I think I did good with the metals too! I made ring with sterling silver made to look like branch and solder little copper leaf on the one end. Looks very delicate, feminine and organic. And it’s listed on new Handmade Division team shop!

Happy Crafting:)


sharon said...

OMG gorgeous! I want one of everything you make!

Maureen said...

LOVE it!

all boy beads said...

It is beautyfull! Original ! Eye want one!