Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 14th Talk About Blog

~What’s the most romantic piece you’ve ever made and why?

Wow, this is tough one! I made so many pieces and I try to put little romance in every piece. But as I was thinking about this topic I remember the one custom piece I made a while back. A customer requested earrings inspired from this cute quote: 'A Bird and A Fish Can Fall in Love, But Where Will They Live?' isn’t this a cutest?! And she wanted bird and fish to be like but you can tell the differences of bird and fish and in different colors. I was delighted to design & made this piece!

And most recently, I made this cherry blossom ring that I think it’s so darn romantic! The ring is on sale on Handmade Division team shop. And I’m working on necklace & bracelets next!

Now, let’s go see more romantic pieces the other team mates made!
Rickson Jewellery:
andes cruz
Beth Cyr:

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Crafting!


barbaradonovan said...

The bird and fish earrings are so sweet. I love that they are different but obviously go together at the same time.

sharon said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Your ring is amazing,I so love your work! Fish and bird are darling!

Lisa Hopkins said...

The bird and fish are so cute and I am in love with your cherry blossom ring!

Beth Cyr said...

aw, the fish and bird are so cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the set! that's so fabulous!