Friday, August 20, 2010

*Burnt Sugar* and I think I need better name for this one...

Hi all:) thank you so much for great suggestions on naming my new color! I decided on *Burnt Sugar*... well, I didn't really decide... it was all wonderful suggestions and I couldn't pick so I put all on and let the computer decided! but I love the sounds of "bitter-sweet", I think it suite the color well. so, next I need help with this one. I kind of named it "autumn red/orange" but I think they need better name... any of you ladies got some suggestions?

happy crafting:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

fall color palette & help me name this color!

I been working on very special custom orders and busy enameling. then I looked all the finished poppies together, there is wonderful fall colors! plum, autumn red/orange and... well, I need help with name this one. I was thinking "caramel" but I'm open for suggestion! happy crafting:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Handmade Division ~August Take about blog

"Talk about something you'd like to create, that you maybe don't have the skills or technology to do currently? "

Oh, isn’t it fun to just think about what you’d like to create? I have list of things I’d like to do one day. painting, photography, pottery… to just name a few. But anything I want to do, if I really want to do it it’s possible. I don’t do because I feel that I don’t have time. There are still so many techniques I’d like to and I need to learn about jewelry making and enameling. Since I’m trying to make a living with my jewelry, I feel I should do that first. But when my son grows up and I’d have all day long… I really want to sew for fun. Make clothes for myself! I used to sew all the time. I go to fabric store daily to see what I’m going to make next and take some fabric home, start to sew and wear that the next day or two! But when I try to sew for money, it took all the fun out of me and didn’t want to sew anymore…well, that’s why I start to make jewelry so maybe that was good thing… but someday I would love to sew again!
Now, let’s go see what other artists are dreaming to create. Maybe I get some more ideas too…:)
happy crafting:)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brass Love

you must been noticing that I use a lot of brass lately. and I do! I'm absolutely in love with brass! I love the shade of gold. deep and rich but not flashy. and they go so well with glass enamel and silver. so it's going to be all about brass in my shop this season!

Happy crafting:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so it begins...

listing the new items! I have so many to list!! but my son is still home with me everyday so I have to find time to take pictures & write the descriptions... so it's going to have to be little bit at time. I manage to list one earrings today and I re-worked on my sections in my shop. I use to made section by collections but this time I did by what it is... I think it's easier to navigate shop. so if I can have feedback on that, I'd appreciate it!
Happy crafting:)