Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Handmade Division Etsy Team September Talk about blog

Septembers Topic: "Where do you draw your inspirations for creating from?" I get inspirations from just browsing on Etsy… haha, just kidding! Sorry if it wasn’t funny… but anyway, I thought about this and although inspirations are everywhere, I have to say I most get inspire from changes in the season. I love to think about up-coming season, think about colors and jewelry design. First, colors are most important to me. Every season feels different colors and I think about how to express the colors with enamels. I love to cook-up the colors in my mind, kind of like when you think about new recipe… (I often think about this but how I make jewelry is a lot like how I cook) and just try the recipe out! Sometime they comes out just as I imagine, sometime it’s blah… and sometimes they come out very different than I imagined but I love it anyway. It’s all fun & good times!!

Another things the give me inspirations is my customers. I love getting custom orders and I feel great joy to trying to make just what the customers wanting. They often let me try something I’d never thought on my own and from that, I inspire to make something else.
It’s always like snowballing. Make one thing and that would let to the next thing… keep growing… never ends… well, I hope it never ends!

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happy crafting:)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall giveaway!

Aimee from very stylish, fashionable blog "all things aimee" is hosting giveaway for my burnt sugar brass long stem brooch on her blog! entry will be running until 12am Monday September 20th. plus there is little bonus when you read her post:)

day by day more and more feels like fall... how is everyone doing? I'm just busy working on orders (thank you!) and still setting up shop for personalized jewelry station. I have too many ideas for this shop and little overwhelmed at this moment. but my son is back to pre-school so I have all morning to work or not work...

happy crafting!