Thursday, April 19, 2012

April: Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

april's topic :What is your favourite tool?

fun topic! however, I absolutely can not pick just one or two. every tool I use for jewelry making is so important to me and I get so attach to them!

so I'm just going to judge my favoritism in how much I attach to them. I think number one is my kiln. I use it nearly everyday and I feel like I'm talking to it when I'm working. I bought her (yes, it's "she":) from my enamel teacher about 4 years ago because it's too small for her and she wasn't using much. but it's perfect size for me and she is been so great to work with:)

next one is something I use for clean holes when I'm enameling. I put polymer cray handle on steel needle and made comfortable to hold. and it's fun because it look like finger and freak people out when it just lay on the table!

and there is something I love but I don't have... I have to go to class to use it.... is rolling mill. I'd like to own my own one day but since I can't work on my orders without "my tools" at class, I play with rolling mill!

it's been such a fun topic! can't wait to see what everybody else's favorite tools:)

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