Sunday, May 30, 2010

everyday jewels

jewels are everywhere.


it's in my morning cup of coffee
it's on my workbench
it's in my son's smile & laughter
it's in my husband's love & care

holding hands

jewels are...

little flower on the side of your driveway
breathtaking sunset you see on the way to home
smell of much needed rain
raindrops on the leaf sparkling...

everyday jewels.

you'll miss it, when you are busy
you wouldn't see, if you are hurry

jewels are everywhere.


Monday, May 24, 2010

things I been working on...

I just like to share very quickly few pieces I was working on. First piece is over sized poppy ring that I made for custom order. When I get this request, I didn’t know how I’m going to do it since I’m not use to work in such a large piece. So I think and think… well make my not so long story super short, I just love it!!!! I love the composition of large flower and dainty wire shank. I love the colors. The colors are unbelievably beautiful! This is why I love custom orders. Let me make pieces that I’d not think to make other wise.

But order for me to successfully make, I need to have skills to do it. so I’m taking a jewelry making class learning basic metalsmithing. And this one is the one I made with riveting technique.

More & more coming soon!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Handmade Division ~We are talking about...

~What item do you most treasure made by another artist? ( if there is one) If not, how about what would you *like* to have?~ fun topic this month! For me, I definitely have to say the Japanese doll my grandma made for me. Because she is not only a great artist but she is my roots. It’s little funny to call her “artist” because I bet she never though she is! She is retire teacher. She taught me how to saw when I was six. She do beautiful paper art and many many other crafts. And even though we work in different media, I can definitely see same quality in her work. So million thanks to grandma! I love you:) xoxo

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And I had to add my newest Etsy purchase that happened to be on my feet! Very cute very comfy crochet slippers from Broken Hallelujah!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your favorite piece of jewelry GIVEAWAY!

Thank you so much for supporting my little Etsy shop! I now have almost 1000sales in my shop. Wow, what a milestone! When I open my shop in October 2007 I didn’t know what I was expecting. I open because I make jewelry. Even though, I was making jewelry for over 10years (just for fun) and I was working at fine jewelry store as “jewelry sales person” I really have NO clue what it takes to sell my handmade jewelry. But it was fun to list and I was very surprised by occasional sales. You know, the feeling, “wow, somebody bought my handmade!”

But then, I got let go from my job. I had to get serious because I really didn’t want to go get another “job”. It was about 2years ago. At this point I think I had about 20 – 30 sales total. So from then, I worked really really hard. Slowly start to seeing regular sales and my design grew with my shop. So, which piece is your most favorite in my shop? For me, I have to say “poppies hook earrings”. It’s so simple & fun to wear! But what color? I can’t decide…. Now, please tell me your favorite piece here by leaving a comment and I’ll draw the winner on June 1st. please check back here to see if you are the winner!

Thank you each and every one of you!
Natsuko xoxoxo