Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easy & Pretty Jewelry Box Decoration

I love decorating my jewelry box with masking tape. they are easy and pretty! and there is so many different design of masking tape so I can easily re-design my boxes. and I'm just in love with the new ones I got from PrettyTape! I just have to show it off...

look haw pretty they are! few mix of masking tapes + logo sticker from moo = custom designed gift box. 

Happy Crafting:)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Enamel Birthstone Colors

this took me so long! but I'm very very happy with how they turned out. I get a lot request/questions for these hearts in other colors so I though I'd make color wheel. but because enamel has so many wonderful colors and sometime it would sold so I have to make it again... it was seem like never to be end! but one day,  I had a request for enamel colors in birthstone color, then it just dawned on me  that I should make them in birthstone colors! I couldn't quite just have 12, some colors I couldn't resist... 
January; Garnet
      February; Amethyst
      March; Aquamarine
                     April; Canary yellow diamond
        April; Black diamond
May; Emerald   
  June; Pearl white
June; Pearl gray
July; Ruby ......
August; Peridot
         September; Sapphire
      October; Pink opal
     November; Citrine
                       December; London blue topaz
                    December; Swiss blue topaz
of course you don't have to get the birthstone color, you can simply pick your favorite color but it's just so special to have in birthstone colors... here is some examples;
with June birthstone, Pearl gray new mom necklace

with January birthstone, Garnet personalized infinity charm necklace 

Happy Crafting:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Intention Candles

over the years of working with Zodiac, I made lots of interesting discovery. I became very fund of astrology, get to know physics and acquainted with the law of attraction. and my latest discovery is these "intention candles". in begging of December I picked up "money" for my business and "harmony" & "peace" for my family. I had a great holiday season. great business and even though I was too tire to care for my family, no body got sick! and then, business slow down in January but they was out of money candle. I tried "abundance" but didn't quite work. one time I had to put the candle out because I was making so many mistake and using more supplies than I should. I guess it can translate to "abundance of supply"! so when they finally stock back the money candle, I took it home and burn that evening in my studio. and next day, I received more than $1000 worth orders! so now I'm going to burn money candles on every Monday morning to assure great business for the week and burn "good heath" candle whenever somebody is sick and burning "peace" & "positive energy" daily!

Happy Crafting:)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I came across  thread on Etsy forum couple days ago, Infinity symbol - Is this the next big thing???
it was very interesting! and no, I didn't leave any comment, I'm afraid of Etsy forum... anyway, I didn't know about the tv program or pop artist. I was thinking it is popular but I didn't know why! I don't want that to be trend though because trend comes and go. but hopefully my customers are loving them because it's classic.

my first infinity design
for guys. personalized infinity keychain
with rough black diamond
wedding bands

to just to name a few! I guess I don't care if it's trend or not. I'm too attach to infinity symbol at this point, I just have to keep making!

Happy Crafting:)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank; January 2013

January's topic: "What are you hoping to accomplish in 2013?"

2013, I'd like to accomplish to grow my jewelry business. Last holiday season, I kind of felt maximum work load that I can handle by myself. Made me think if I want to grow more business, I might have to hire some help. But a thing is, I enjoy working by myself , making all the decisions and I don’t want to rely on somebody for any task. So I think about long and hard, what can I do, what I enjoy doing… I love making jewelry, I love communicating with customers, love personal connection, I’m good at customer serves and after care, and I love making customized jewelry that tells personal stories. So in conclusion, I want to expand my jewelry line to more individual custom work including wedding bands and engagement rings. I’m not the most skilled jewelry maker but I can make jewelry that reflect personal taste. I want to connect with client that looking for that kind of feeling. But to accomplish, I have to make lots of investment no time to fool around. i actually made a plan so we'll see! 

Here is other fabulous member’s blog that write about same topic;
Barbara Donovan:
WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear:

Happy Crafting!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Custom Design ~Engagement Ring~

little before the holiday rush, I had a special order for engagement ring with herkimer diamond. the customer originally saw my posts on herkimer diamond ring and thought it would be perfect for their engagement rings. I was so thrilled to make somebody's engagement rings. because I use to sell engagement rings (and other fine jewelry but mainly engagement rings) when I was working at fine jewelry store. I love the meaning of the engagement rings and the excitement around it but I was always questioning how guys(mostly) buying/searching for the ring. they mainly concern about 4 c's and certificate and of course price. they don't really care about how the particular diamond speaks and makes you feel. like you are going to work round with certificate with it! I always thought that was little silly but have to go with the program since I was working for somebody. so, when I got my own engagement ring order, I was just stunned! I went back and forth with the customer on design, got stones in for them to chose, making of the rings... I enjoyed every moment! and that led me to think, I can and want to make engagement rings. but not typical diamond rings. I want to make more meaningful rings for people doesn't care about 4 c's and certificates! 

 with that say, I have few engagement rings and wedding rings in the works. and I'll have my new shiny toy in few days... stay tuned! 

Happy Crafting:)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Custom Design - Memorial Jewelry

a customer came to see me to store I help on Saturdays, Zodiac, referred from my previous custom design customer. he was looking to have jewelry made to gift to his partner for his mother passing. he wanted cross with mother's birthstone emerald in the center. he showed me what kind of cross he looking for and we kind of design together from it. this was originally for Christmas gift but I couldn't have time to work on it until after Christmas... piece like this, I need time to devote to it. and I love the out come! this is coolest cross I ever seen!

and around same time I got order on my Etsy shop for customer gifting custom locket for her friend that husband had past. 

I know these are sad situations, it's so sad to have your loved ones passing... but I love the jewelry would hold the sweet memories and part of the person to carry with you. and I feel so honored to have chosen to create such a important pieces.   

~Happy New Year & Happy Crafting~