Monday, July 19, 2010

fall poppies sneak preview

these are going to be part of my new fall collection. I put my heart & soul into these pieces! it's still work in progress but I just wanted to share:)

happy crafting!

Friday, July 16, 2010

magical lockets!

I made few more lockets! it didn't come out as same as first one and in fact, non of them are the same! but now I know that something magical will happen so I'm going to get more of these lockets and add to my fall/winter collection to list in my shop. and since I can not control how they come out of kiln, every one of them are going to be one-of-a-kind. I'm thinking I will list them $65 - $75 depends on what kind of chain I'll put them with but for these four pieces(lockets only), I'll sell it for $38 plus shipping ($2.50). so if you are interest in these lockets, email to me at and I'll make custom listing in my shop. oh, and just FYI, I have nice clearance sale section going so check them out too!
here are the pieces... ocean poppy
innocent blue poppy
salmon pink poppy
berry pink poppy

Sunday, July 11, 2010

lovely, happy surprise!

I was working late last night with my kiln. and then, I remember that I had locket I riveted my enamel poppy on but got little cracked when I was hammering. so I though to put in the kiln to have glass melted again. but I have to admit, I was scare! the locket was something I purchased on Etsy. they say it's "brass" but if it was only "brass-look" I could have disaster in my kiln. so I put them on mica sheet and into the kiln... make sure the temperature would only reach to just enough for glass to melt. and couple minutes later I slowly open the kiln and take the locket out... I saw something beautiful was happening! enamel was all nice in smooth & the brass got patina from heat and shining with beautiful colors!! I could not believe my eyes.... green & blue & pink & yellow... so many colors was dancing on the locket! I not sure if this was just the one time thing & might never happen again... well, I just have to try and see. but I just wanted to share my happy surprise with everyone:)

this is the before...

sometimes it pays to be an experimental! happy crafting everyone:)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

new things I've been working on...

ok, so I haven't list anything new in my shop for quite while, I haven't post any new pictures on Flicker... so you'd think I'm just not working. but I do. not as much since I have my three year old out of preschool. I try to work on orders and new things as much as I can but I guess I have no time left for picture taking! but I finally took some picture to show!!

not sure why but I was making hearts like no tomorrow!

and these are samples for my up-coming local shop (and maybe Etsy) Personalized jewelry station!

and my fall line!!