Friday, February 18, 2011

Riveting the Poppies

~how do you rivet those little balls without cracking the glass?

I got this question through my Flickr page. I’m no expert but I could be very cleaver & love questions like this! And I had locket order to do today so I decided to take pictures step by step. BTW, to me riveting is the single most valuable technique I learned at jewelry class. It’s opened up how I incorporate my enamel pieces into metalwork in so many ways!

You’ll need~
*one poppy disc
*brass locket
*1” - 18g fine silver round wire -And it’s important to use fine silver because fine silver doesn’t harden so you don’t have to put too much pressure hammering them.
*nail head punch –I got mine at “Harbor Freight Tools” for about $3. In jewelry class, we were using a fancy tool that has many sizes but this will do me just fine.
*stand for nail head
*riveting hammer
*small drill
*bead reamer

Let's start!

Drill a small hole on the middle of locket. Hole should be snag to wire so it’s better to start small and wider with reamer.

Make ball on one end of silver wire.

insert poppy, then locket on wire.

set ball end on the nail head punch. Punch end should be large enough to cover most of the ball but small enough to not touching the enameled surface.

Clip wire to leave about 1.5mm.

Tap on wire until they are almost flat.

file on sharp edges.

Yay, finished!

Happy Crafting:)


sharon said...

This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and wealth of information, and your kindness! Your beauty shows in your work!

Amy Nicole said...

Thank you so much for sharing Natsuko! I haven't even tried riveting. I guess I shouldn't let it scare me.

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

sharon, Amy, you ladies are so welcome! I'm glad that somebody find this helpful. Amy, you should just try it! it's easier than you think:) and even if you crack the enamel piece, you can put it back in the kiln to fix it!

eNVe said...

this is so helpful, natsuko! thank you for sharing! maybe I'll try my hand at riveting some day. :)

Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Thanks for this Natsuko! I've often wondered how to rivet concave discs - now I know :D

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

yay! happy riveting:)

Amy Nicole said...

Thanks for the extra tip about putting it back in the kiln. It helps so much to know even the little things!