Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

~"Your favourite winter meal/ recipe?"

Ha ha… I don’t really have “recipe”… I cook daily but not because I like to cook. I cook so my family can eat decent fresh meal. My meal has to be simple & easy! But usually pretty tasty too:) in winter I cook soups a lot. What kind is depends on what else I’m having that day and what’s in my refrigerator.

Simple & Easy but Tasty Soup
1) Put sliced onion & shredded carrot in the water and boil
2) Vegetable bouillon
3) Little sea salt & pepper
4) Soy sauce
5) Drop or two sesame oil
6) Farm tofu (cut in cubes)
7) Spinach

I struggle what to cook daily… I cannot wait to see everyone’s recipe for inspiration! Here is other blog that talks about same topic

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Happy Cooking:)


Beth Cyr said...

cooking every day can definitely be a struggle. esp on days when you're tired and don't feel like cooking! (which is often for me too!) sounds delicious and super healthy!

Anonymous said...

hah! soup seems to be the theme!
I don't like to cook either. so big pots of soup and chile, that I also really like, last a while, then I eat well :) your soup looks tasty too!

kathryncole said...

Yes, this sounds yummy and healthy! I will have to try it!

barbaradonovan said...

I tend to cook for necessity rather than for a love of cooking too. I do the everyday cooking and it's my husband who likes to try the new and interesting recipes! I love the simplicity of this soup and look forward to trying it.