Sunday, March 6, 2011

Feathers, Feather Lady & Feather Jewelry

recently, i just had sudden urge to use feathers in my jewelry design. so just like anything else, I started to search on Etsy. and I was lucky to stumble on this wonderful shop The Feather Lady. why do I say I was lucky? first off, her shop is gorgeous! and I'm totally feather newbie so I had lots of questions. she answer every question so nicely and say in most cases she collect feathers from ground herself and clean them, wash & dry and all that! I was sold!! and the feathers I received was absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous! every piece was very nicely packed. and every feathers are so beautiful. I feel so much care for feathers from the Feather Lady.

now I have lots of idea with theses "gems" but don't have enough time! I was going to work on them this past weekend but I got distracted by sewing... yes, sewing! I set-up sewing station in my studio at Zodiac and made purse from my old jean skirt. it was so much fun! I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow! oh, and here is my practice necklace with feather. this feather is not from feather lady but I needed to practice!

Happy Crafting:)

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sharon said...

Hi Natsuko! Love your new ideas with feathers, the contrast of the softness with the metal is my fav combination! The shot of the practice feather is amazing...beautiful work!