Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let’s make enamel stud earrings!

I just try some new way to make my stud earrings so I thought I’d take pictures along the way!

Now, I always soldered or attached post at last but this time I soldered them first. I use hard solder so it should with stand in the kiln up to 1450° F.

Then, I counter enamel on the back.
And here is my big invention! I made stand for earrings by poke holes in the mica sheet. These little things that makes life so much easier!
Shift & fire, sift & fire…

this is the last firing with silver ball.
Yay, finished!

Baby pink enamel poppy stud earrings

and another color...

Sea foam enamel poppy stud earrings

Happy Crafting!


Copper Diem said...

great post! you make the most beautiful things!

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

oh, that's quite a complement:) thank you!

sharon said...

Just found your shop on etsy, and I am in awe! Your work is jaw dropping gorgeous! I am in love!!

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

thank you! that makes me so warm inside...:)

Kalaya Steede said...

Hi Natsuko, thanks for sharing your technique. Could you tell me what size post you used? I want to make post earrings but I am paralyzed on what size to get from Rio! Your stuff is fantastic. Thanks again.