Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jewel Tone Poppies

I had a lovely custom order to make poppies in all different colors around the bangle. I immediately thought about jewel-tone. as they call it enamels "seven gems" in Japanese, enamel colors are perfect for imitating the gemstone colors. but to developing the all different colors was more challenging than I thought. it took me so long and my customer was patiently waiting... but here it is at last! I love love love it! so my spring would be full of "Jewel Tone Poppies"!!

here is one ring I already made & list in my shop. blue topaz poppy and the pod sterling silver ring.

and this one with smoky quartz with brass ribbon (another something new I'm working on!)
I'm so excited about this new collection! happy crafting:)

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Nayna said...

These poppies are so beautiful! I loved your technique, especially the fact that you have worked on the band details as well as the way you have attached your enameled poppy to the ring :) lovely!