Saturday, January 22, 2011

January Handmade Division Talk About Blog

~In another life I was.... and I made.... for a living. (fill in the blanks)~

I wish I could know! I was definitely making something for living. Perhaps, I was a seamstress in one life, clothing designer in the other. Sewing and making dress just seem so natural to me. I bet I was doing that in one point or the other.

Ok, so ~in another life I was dress maker and I made dresses for a living.

And I guess you’ll never forget things that you made with your heart & soul. My sister told me that our grandmother who is almost 90years old, living in the nursing home and can’t recognize her own daughter anymore… was showing my sister thing that she made (the things she already showed us before) and explain how she made it, every step by step why she did that way this and that… then my sister said to me I’ll be that way one day. Well this feels little sad but my point was even though it was in another life and you cannot remember, your soul will remember! So I’d like to make every piece of jewelry with my heart & soul!

Happy crafting :)

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I must say I’m very sad that not much participation this month… I love “talk about blog”!


barbaradonovan said...

Hi Natsuko,
I enjoyed reading this. The story of your grandmother is touching. I'm a bit slow getting going but I promise I'll participate in the talk about blog next month!

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

thanks for the comment, barbara:) it's fun to writing the post but best part of talk about is to read others. so...

Jan said...

This is lovely, Natsuko! Very powerful and a touching story too.

Hope to be blogging with you next time...