Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Custom Design - Memorial Jewelry

a customer came to see me to store I help on Saturdays, Zodiac, referred from my previous custom design customer. he was looking to have jewelry made to gift to his partner for his mother passing. he wanted cross with mother's birthstone emerald in the center. he showed me what kind of cross he looking for and we kind of design together from it. this was originally for Christmas gift but I couldn't have time to work on it until after Christmas... piece like this, I need time to devote to it. and I love the out come! this is coolest cross I ever seen!

and around same time I got order on my Etsy shop for customer gifting custom locket for her friend that husband had past. 

I know these are sad situations, it's so sad to have your loved ones passing... but I love the jewelry would hold the sweet memories and part of the person to carry with you. and I feel so honored to have chosen to create such a important pieces.   

~Happy New Year & Happy Crafting~


Cassandra Zengilowski said...

Hey Natsuko! Great work on the memorial cross. I agree with you on the thought that pieces like those need time and devotion. It’s more than just something to wear for fashion’s sake, but it also tells a beautiful story. I’m sure your customer appreciated all the hard work you put into it.

Cassandra Zengilowski

Khalid abdullah said...

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