Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blog-o-sphere Think Tank September

September's topic: "Favourite colour?

it's been so long since I post anything in my blog. so I thought it's time for me to participate in monthly blogging thing and get my blog going again... BUT! I just cannot get motivate to write anything! I thought that this month's topic would be easy, I love color. but because I love colors so much that I really don't have favorite. I love them all! soooo, I'd say my favorite color is: all the colors in the rainbow! oh, but for clothing, I love love gray. all shades of gray. they are absolutely my favorite to wear. and I like to accented with different color. gray goes with anything! this fall I think I'm gonna go with gray + mustard!

ok, I'm late but I hope other member has better things to say...

Happy Crafting:)


Anonymous said...

:) me too, I like a lot of colours. And grey and black for clothing, me too.

barbaradonovan said...

I imagine your beautiful colorful jewelry pops against your clothing in shades of grey!

pencilfox said...

oh, i love your post!
so simply stated, your colour preference.

[thank you for linking to my blog!]


Kathleen Krucoff said...

There are so many fun color choices. I agree with Barbara, you beautiful jewelry pops against the shades of grey clothing.

Robert Gauthier said...

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