Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring/Summer Collection Photo Collage

for some reason I just couldn't take satisfying pictures in my usual set-up so I took it outside. Saturday was great day for taking pictures! not too sunny, not too gloomy. all new pictures! what do you think...?

more new items are going to be listed in my shop this week. stay tuned!

Happy Crafting:)


Nayna said...

Hey love your idea, so fresh
the pictures look great, making the jewelery stand out! Beautiful.

Agnieszka said...

I would like to show you my shop at :) I hope it looks nice. Waiting for opinions, Best Regards.

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

stunning website, Agnieszka! thank you for sharing with me:)

CharmN Jewelry said...

Very nice collage that... creative boundaries get hazy after a while.Yes that the whole world is related and mean brotherhood is what all religious teachings say...I agree.Initial Charms