Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

topic: "favourite quote(s)?" (and why? if you want to share..)

for me this is it! "what goes around comes around" this is center of my believes. karma. I work hard on my jewelry, makes every piece with heart & soul. and in return, I get happy customers:) great karma!

another one is this Buddhist saying "袖振る仲も他生の縁" my mom wrote it for me in her letter after I left my country to get married and live with my husband in U.S. I'm not sure how to translate but it means something like "even if you are just passing by with the person, we are somehow related in one life or the other". this means everybody is related somehow. my mom wrote it for me to say, even I'm faraway from my family, I'm not alone.

I want to give special thanks to very talented jeweler & great friend Andes for bringing us together every month to write these fun topics! and everybody that participating:)xoxo


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Happy Crafting:)


Anonymous said...

I agree - we get what we give... I love it. and the infinity pendant! fabulous!

Laura Flavin said...

I love both quotes (philosophies) you shared Natsuko, I agree whole heartedly!

WATTO said...

So touching! Thanks for sharing!

barbaradonovan said...

"What goes around..." is a favorite of mine too. I love your mother's sentiment to you. So thoughtful and dear. Thank you!

Wendy Kelly said...

Thank you, Natsuko~both ideas you shared are super important to me, too. I love that about this blog-o-sphere!
I feel stronger and more connected today, after reading all these great quotes : )

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

~ Kathleen Krucoff

Thomasin Durgin said...

Beautiful words and I see it happening in my own life each day.