Monday, March 7, 2011

recycling fun!

here is my "old jean skirt purse". I got the lining & scarf material at 50% off section at joann fabrics. looks so festive and vintage-y and I love it! and I actually found ton of old jeans that I can't fit it anymore (so sad...) but couldn't let go. and now that I found the way to still *wear* them I'm so happy!

when I was looking at YouTube video, I found tons of recycling idea and I made scarf out of my old t-shirt and necklace out of my old leggings! (this definitely no one but me wants to wear!)

Old T-shirt Scarf

Old Legging Necklace

if anybody like the totorial, I can send it to you but search on YouTube. there are ton of it!

Happy Crafting:)


Copperheart said...

great ideas! That's probably one of the cutest pants purses I've seen.

Alice Schmidt said...

Hello. I want to give a blog award on to you, I hope you want to play with and I hope you don't mind. Read more about it on my blog.

Jasper Bailey said...

I'd really like the tshirt scarf and the olf legging necklace tutorial, if you could send it