Monday, December 13, 2010

jewelry making for fun

I took enameling class over this summer. well, it was just because I forgot to sign-up for jewelry class and couldn't get in but... I do enameling daily at home so I wanted to try new things. preferably something I can incorporate into metal work afterward.
this first one, I made cabochon with raspberry pink enamel over copper and made rose from silver wire and fused onto the cabochon. and then, I made a setting at the jewelry class. I think it's very beautiful and proud to say it's 100% handmade from row material. and this piece was first piece to get purchased at my trunk show this past Saturday. I must say I was little sad to say good bye to the necklace... but fact that customer who purchased was very good customer of mine and he was purchasing for gift to his wife. now, his wife is really lovely lady so I'm very happy that she is going to have it!

ok, now to the second one. this piece is paint with enamel. I never really paint since I was kids. but boy, it was so much fun! I had a little taste of "painting". subject was of course "poppy field". my friend coincidentally had a picture of it and she let me use as inspiration. I just came up design for the setting so that's what I'm going to make next on my class!
happy crafting:)

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