Sunday, March 1, 2009

Organic Sunday

I love organic look in jewelry. I think that’s something you can only get it with handmade. Each piece might not look “perfect” but there is lots of character and warmth of “hand”.
Lately, these poppies are my choice of jewelry to wear. These organic poppies are so easy to coordinate with everything! No matter what you wearing, these would add just a right touch of modern style. To make these poppies, I begin from hammering a copper disk. Then solder handmade fine silver balls for stamens. And I’d finished in earrings or necklace, sometimes ring. After I finished into jewelry piece, they are going into my nosy tumbler for polishing. Then, depend on the piece, I’d oxidized. This is my latest piece listed in my Etsy shop. “organic poppy solitaire ring” and you can coordinate with any of my “organic poppy” collection but they are perfect with “organic poppy-on-the-circle necklace” and “organic poppies-on-the-circle earrings”!

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