Friday, March 1, 2013

Enamel Birthstone Colors

this took me so long! but I'm very very happy with how they turned out. I get a lot request/questions for these hearts in other colors so I though I'd make color wheel. but because enamel has so many wonderful colors and sometime it would sold so I have to make it again... it was seem like never to be end! but one day,  I had a request for enamel colors in birthstone color, then it just dawned on me  that I should make them in birthstone colors! I couldn't quite just have 12, some colors I couldn't resist... 
January; Garnet
      February; Amethyst
      March; Aquamarine
                     April; Canary yellow diamond
        April; Black diamond
May; Emerald   
  June; Pearl white
June; Pearl gray
July; Ruby ......
August; Peridot
         September; Sapphire
      October; Pink opal
     November; Citrine
                       December; London blue topaz
                    December; Swiss blue topaz
of course you don't have to get the birthstone color, you can simply pick your favorite color but it's just so special to have in birthstone colors... here is some examples;
with June birthstone, Pearl gray new mom necklace

with January birthstone, Garnet personalized infinity charm necklace 

Happy Crafting:)


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Nice idea and great colours!

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

thank you!! xo

Andrea Stewart said...

My birthstone is Garnet and I really like the Garnet personalized infinity charm necklace.

spiritual jewelry

ciaolucia said...

I like the idea of birthstone colors for your hearts, beautiful!

Angelina Gertz said...

Hey, Thank you so much for this post. Its really helpful.

Valentin Magro

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