Monday, January 7, 2013

Custom Design ~Engagement Ring~

little before the holiday rush, I had a special order for engagement ring with herkimer diamond. the customer originally saw my posts on herkimer diamond ring and thought it would be perfect for their engagement rings. I was so thrilled to make somebody's engagement rings. because I use to sell engagement rings (and other fine jewelry but mainly engagement rings) when I was working at fine jewelry store. I love the meaning of the engagement rings and the excitement around it but I was always questioning how guys(mostly) buying/searching for the ring. they mainly concern about 4 c's and certificate and of course price. they don't really care about how the particular diamond speaks and makes you feel. like you are going to work round with certificate with it! I always thought that was little silly but have to go with the program since I was working for somebody. so, when I got my own engagement ring order, I was just stunned! I went back and forth with the customer on design, got stones in for them to chose, making of the rings... I enjoyed every moment! and that led me to think, I can and want to make engagement rings. but not typical diamond rings. I want to make more meaningful rings for people doesn't care about 4 c's and certificates! 

 with that say, I have few engagement rings and wedding rings in the works. and I'll have my new shiny toy in few days... stay tuned! 

Happy Crafting:)


Liz S. said...

I really like Herkimer diamonds and the dark metal you used for the bands! A nice contrast. How did you get the metal so dark? Is it silver? I hope they were happy with how the ring turned out.
This is Liz, the girl that said hi to you at the pottery sale at the Cultural Arts Center, and my husband and I have bought items from you at Zodiac. He bought me the lightish purple poppy locket for Christmas. I love it! I was looking for the name of the color to tell him in case he wants to get matching earrings for my birthday. That is how I came across this blog. Do you know the name of the color? I thought it was grape, but there is no orange in the middle.
I get many compliments on my red-orange poppy post earrings, and I want to steal my mom's blue poppy hook earrings even though I bought them for her as a gift :) . She loves them too!

Jewelry by Natsuko said...

hi Liz! it's so great that you fund my little blog and left comment for me. thank you so much:) the rings are sterling silver, I oxidized with sofer (?spell). they were really happy with it but as turns out, it was too big to wear everyday as engagement ring so I'm getting smaller stones to make it wearable for everyday!
and thank you so much for your husband! I think it was grape but no orange center, I call it "rustic purple"

I'll be at Zodiac every Saturday so stop by sometime to say hi:)

David Foster said...

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stgeorgejewelers said...

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Sizzling LEO said...

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Gwyneth Queener said...

I love the rings that you shared in this post. It may not have the mass appeal like a Tiffany’s ring; but if a couple is looking for something unique, rustic and more personal, your designs definitely fall into that category.


Velvetcase Jewellery said...

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Anonymous said...

I love this ring, mostly becasue it's so unusual, my sister has diamond chips and has a set of three. My husband bought mine from Diamond Boutique as they helped him design a bespoke vintage style ring and I love it. So much nicer than going to a jeweller and buying one off the shelf.

Angelina Gertz said...

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