Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

August's topic:
"Some Things on your Bucket list" (things you'd like to do/ accomplish before you die) (and maybe why?)

This is good one! Though, I never made “bucket list”… But if I were to live to be 80, I’m just a half way there so I’m not going to worry about it now and work on the list in next 20 years. However, there is one thing I deeply regret that I didn’t do before I got married… I never lived alone! I was living with my family in japan before I got marry and that is not that strange thing in Japan even though you are over 18 years old. But now I think about it I’d never under happy circumstances would be able to experience “live alone”… now, this might be totally “grass is greener…” kind of thing but when I look at like my sister or some of my friend that living alone I can’t help thinking “oh, it must be so nice to have place totally on your own…” don’t have to be live around somebody else schedule, don’t have to clean up after somebody else mess and you can decorate the place anyway you want! But I love my family so I just dream…:)

Ok, I don’t have my own place but here is little part of the house that is my own, my studio. Excuse my mess but it’s my place and I can make mess if I want to! Hehe…

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maybe I can get some idea... Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

I will say - living alone - has had a strong influence on me, as a person, and me- developing into the person I want to be. I thrive on solitude. When the day comes when I share space - it will be crutial for me to have parts of the home that are 'just mine' But everyone is different :)

Thomasin Durgin said...

I'm with Andes, I have lived alone most of my adult life, and I'm an only child raised by a single mother. I suggest you travel somewhere alone for a week and see how you like it! A mini "living alone" vacation!

Anonymous said...

Both Andes & Thomasin have great points about living alone. I too enjoy my solitude, although I share my home with my husband and our three basset hounds...I still have my spaces where it's quiet. Wonderful post.

~ Kathleen Krucoff