Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shiny new toy & new purse!

I got me a new toy! It is bracelet mandrel. I had request to make bracelet from local gift shop ZODIAC. So I’m having fun with my new toy. Making bangles & more bangles… I think I should’ve got one that’s tapered, not stepped but oh, well. Live & learn. Right now I’m just making samples still but new bangles collection will coming soon in my shop!

And very same day I got my mandrel, I received my new purse I purchased from lovely Etsy shop jennjhon in the mail. This purse is so beautiful! It’s beautifully made, perfect size & so nice to touch! I do not (…can not) treat myself that often but this purse was worth every penny and more!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Snow Leopard Network talk about ---

How do you view the topic of "copying"? What does it mean to you? ---
Ok, “copying” for me have to be an exact duplicate of my work. I think we are all inspiring each other in some way and specially I make jewelry in simple design, it’s so easy to be look like. But if you design from within and put your own twists, it’s always your original & yours only. I love to look at all the beautiful things on Etsy but never to copy anyone. But maybe those beautiful things are store in my head and sometimes could appear in my jewelry designs. So, I will not say it’s copied just because the design elements and styles are like. And a lot of times, “copy” defines the “original”. “copy” makes the “original” shine. But I don’t know how I would feel if I see some jewelry that look exactly like mine. Like I say, I make simple jewelry so I see some that’s similar to mine. But what if I see exact same poppy earrings as mine? Wow, that would be creepy! Although, it's kind of heard to copy exact. As I have my own “recipe” for enamel colors. So, your own recipe & many repertory wold prevent from copy cat. But wait… “copy” is not always a bad thing. When you try to learn new things by copying, it’s a good thing! I remember I made every felted doll in the book when I was little. The book was awesome. Came with patterns and everything. I think it’s bad when you make something by copying others and call it your own. That’s bad, bad, bad!

now, please go see what other “original” artists are talking about regarding this topic ---

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