Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shiny new toy & new purse!

I got me a new toy! It is bracelet mandrel. I had request to make bracelet from local gift shop ZODIAC. So I’m having fun with my new toy. Making bangles & more bangles… I think I should’ve got one that’s tapered, not stepped but oh, well. Live & learn. Right now I’m just making samples still but new bangles collection will coming soon in my shop!

And very same day I got my mandrel, I received my new purse I purchased from lovely Etsy shop jennjhon in the mail. This purse is so beautiful! It’s beautifully made, perfect size & so nice to touch! I do not (…can not) treat myself that often but this purse was worth every penny and more!


Copper Diem said...

Your bangles and enamelled pieces are so inspiring!

aimee said...

i'm loving those bangles! and i'm jealous of your new mandrel! i hope you enjoy that purse. every girl deserves a little gift-to-self every once in a while :)