Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow Leopard Network Blog Carnival

" What thing have you created that you most treasure? This is the topic of our new blog carnival! It was interesting to think about. I made many many things in my life. I was crafting girl ever since I was just a little girl. But I really don’t have anything I made except jewelry (I wear my handmade jewelry all the time but most of them I wear because it’s new design and I just want to see how it’s wear or something I keep because it’s not sellable), dress or scarves I occasionaly wear (I guess I like to make something I can wear:) but not neccesaly I treasure… so! Then I remember this piece. It was my first cloisonne piece that I made. It was about two years ago just few month after I start to taking enameling class once a week, my teacher at the time hold special cloisonne class one day. Cloisonne is enameling technique that use wire to separate area of enamel color. It could be very intricate and require many many firing. But maby because I was use to working with wire or perhaps she was brilliant teacher, my first cloisonne piece came out so beautiful! I couldn’t belive I made it!! And till this day, this is the best cloisonne piece I ever made. Or maybe I just not making much cloisonne piece…. It’s not my favorite thing to do…

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Ps. I love Flickr! I was looking for this picture in my Flickr page and it was fun to see my earlier pieces!!


Jan said...

Wonderful design, Natsuko! I especially like the contrasting geometric and organic elements. It's great to have the memories of creating your first cloisonne piece.

Anonymous said...

yay! Natsuko, it is soooo lovely!
you should do more :) it is fantastic. but take it in your own direction. i bet you could do something wonderful :)


Alice Istanbul said...

Cloisonne is tricky, but you did a great job! :)

RosyRevolver said...

You have all my respect for this. Cloisonne and I do NOT get along. It's the fastest way to get me grumbling and cussing.

Beautiful work.

jewelrybynatsuko said...

thank you all for comments! I know I should try to do more cloisonne but it is takes time... and it is really tricky! I'll try again when I have more time though!!

Thomasin Durgin said...

It's a beautiful piece, I love the colors and the spiraling wires. Lovely work on your first attempt.

WATTO said...

That is a wonderful piece. Thanks for participating in the blog series.